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WoT Alliance information

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OK heres the deal!

If you have:


1) Reached Tier 7 or above with any tank or TD


2) Reached Tier 5 with an artillery/SPG piece


3) Would like to participate in clan wars


What you will need to do is this:

1) Log into your World of Tanks account at


2) Click on the leave clan option


3) Open the players tab and add DRAGONFIRE_Sr into the search box


4) Copy the clan tag you find there


5) Open the clan page and enter the tag into the search box


6) Open the clan page that matches the tag


7) Click on the Join clan button and mention that you are from cartoon generals


There will be a 48 Hr "cooling off" period before you can be accepted into the allied unit.


You can also hit any of us up on coms and we can walk you through the process.





Dr Giggles






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McSpuds has scheduled 3 meetings.

These are very important for WoT players to attend.

Friday Night 10-07-2011


1st 8:30 PM EST Ventrilo TBC personnel


2nd 9:00 PM EST TeamSpeak GEN Personnel


3rd 9:30 PM EST Both TBC and GEN Personnel


Please plan on attending if you can. If not, minutes will be posted in the forums.

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i know im new to all this but id love to be there as well

Well, I dont think I can let you now, seeing as the meeting was last night and was over close to 14 hours ago!:blink:




Aside from the time issue, you would have been welcome to attend!!:thumbsup:


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