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Introducing myself

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Hey all,


Im Dale(Terrakian or Terra for short in game) from Rhode Island and Florida until recently when I moved to Kentucky and now im getting ready to move to North Carolina. I am 47 years young, Divorced, 1 Lovely daughter and pretty much have no life when not working so I game. Was playing EVE online since early Beta and played for almost 9 years total until I recently shut my 5 accts down.. lol.. Also played WOW, still play Rift and of course COD and Battlefield. I did get the new MW3 but not the BF3 yet. I will soon be playing SWTOR soon also :) (cant wait)


I have worked in the automotive industry as a mechanic, service writer, service adviser, wholesale parts counter, parts mgr, Cummins Diesel Service Supervisor was my last position in the field. Since the economy crashed I went to retail as a store mgr for Family Dollar. Lost my brother to cancer and returned back home and went into nursing and was state certified after schooling in RI as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).


I was with the 7Th Cav and the Frozen Chosen(fomally the 12th Marines) and now to join you guys which has been a much nicer place to be.


So thats me. If you have any questions just ask away.. :)

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Belated welcomes to you Terra.


YOu play Battlefield? We are often online, Hodgy, Blackbox, Marko and I (sometimes Yamamoto) around your early morning time so we might cross each others.

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