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Known Hackers

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If your name appears on this list.

DO NOT BOTHER appealing your ban,it will NOT be revoked.

Videos have been watched , and you are indeed hacking.




[FaaQ]FruitBowlMafia IP: GUID:14282577

[legt]Qlimax IP: GUID:71265299

Crown66** IP: GUID:55776794

[3arc]S||K IP: GUID:46851255

[FSHO]TheJuggernaut IP: GUID:56851236

[3arc]Piece of Shit IP: GUID:73233551

ms13* IP: GUID:56623630

[oXo]Green Hornet IP: GUID:73049556

BlackPimpStick IP: GUID:14670131

[xx]limeee IP: GUID:892884

FeuFighter IP: GUID:71857384

[PSS]|Sec9| MR. Slick IP: GUID:8639023

[3ID]williamggs IP: GUID:77009615

Kill-DU IP: GUID:82036117

[ONE]Capt Clean IP: GUID:10366688

[sam]forever alone IP: GUID:61317933

EnronCEO IP: GUID:14521831

[nav]jagga jatt IP: GUID:52499480

Cimdracula IP: GUID:81474230

[NK]J_Bone IP: GUID:57744453

[HIDE]Run_Die_Tired IP: GUID:85365530

SamJackson IP: GUID:19271165

[3arc]akamatrix IP: GUID:37749780

In[F]ernal IP: GUID:55975600

[EF1]Trippin IP: GUID:60997924

[uMAD]Carnage IP: GUID:54018188

[Pvt]Crossbow-GW- IP: GUID:81239881

DiStuRbeD IP: GUID:75389762

BiGKamiKaZe IP: GUID:38248728

Thumper380 IP: GUID:35916348


[808]CarTerMatiC! IP: GUID:57268874

bozo84 IP: GUID:87494848

Flop Sweat IP: GUID:41688868

[RUS]Kefir_Danon IP: GUID:72939126

[noc]Blake {NOC} IP: GUID:64645747

Uncle Death IP: GUID:76849534

Ruddydogg14 IP: GUID:15146628

Frostpix IP: GUID:90310287


brah IP: GUID:10097722

[AG]Master Chief IP: GUID:70056472

[soS]Abracadavre IP: GUID:5373291

[MiA]jay6002 IP: GUID:8616880


[CAMP]junglesniper IP: GUID: 80541050

[NIGR]Hacking2Win IP: GUID: 54971644

YumTeriyaki IP: GUID: 77312847

Durugizta IP: GUID: 79950449

Uncore-[965X].kr IP: GUID: 55490729

19TH]clthomas211 IP: GUID: 78632148

[dz]ruskie77 IP: GUID: 55959296

[FBI]BodyaAssesin IP: GUID: 47841881

tangtan IP: GUID: 67760285

TWolfe IP: GUID: 39834293

Miss K la pipi IP: GUID: 77653244

tdluc IP: GUID: 76533723

Black ( IP: GUID: 73890522

BigBang IP: GUID: 80111713

1keahi2000 IP: GUID: 74828314

[OSN]Eclipse II IP: GUID: 55994047

Zabey(Rus) IP: GUID: 55868735

CommandoSevenM IP: PB-GUID dd834250a50c9a1a0e88c3e3999ad6f4

[619]BigMcLargeHuge IP: GUID: 87424069

B!G_D@N IP: GUID: 57323093

5killz! IP: GUID: 3752601

inconnukill_ops GUID: 21814399

PykiNeIz}|{oPb| IP: GUID: 42906678

[3arc]doobit IP GUID 57021275

tienzazajame IP GUID 77724035

MLG]OZI IP: GUID: 83549443

Grish IP: GUID: 93642959

DeviL)Muffin IP: GUID: 62841387

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