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After Action Report: January 7, 2012

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We met the Frozin Chosin on the field of battle tonight in COD: World at War


All three maps were closely contested.


First, Seelow, Search and Destroy, best of 7, 2:30 rounds. Victory to Cartoon Generals, 4-2:




Second, Roundhouse, Total War (interesting game style, definitely interested in more of this one! Frozin Chosin captured all 5 flags near the end of the round and secured the victory.




Third and final, Airfield, Team Deathmatch. Victory to Cartoon Generals 1310 - 1180.




This game went back and forth several times until we nudged ahead in the last few minutes.


Congratulations to all and thanks to the Chosin for another great scrim.

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