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BK vs CG this weekend

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Looking forward to our scrim this weekendn at 7pm EST. We wish you the best of luck and most important, have fun.


Our BK Boot Camp server is located under the Black Ops browser as BK BootCamp and it is under the unranked section.


I sent Lead the final outline and I will post here as well. I sent Lead an incomplete outline a few weeks ago so I apologize for that. It is my first undertaking as a scrim coordinator. Thanks guys and look forward to Sat. Take care.




Crouched game play only, running only when under fire or from a grenade.


Aimed fire or hip firing allowed


Match will be played on our unranked BK Boot Camp server.

HARDCORE settings - On

Friendly Fire - On

Kill-cam - Off


Demo client will be functioning before the match start


Go on fast re-start once everyone is in game, and both teams have agreed they are ready.


Substitutions are allowed between games but not during active round


Sportsmanship is at the forefront of our scrims. Win or Lose we will extend our gratitude.



All weapon types and load outs are allowed with the following exceptions:


1. No kill streaks no cars/helos/B52's etc. NO UAV, SR71


2. No second chance


3. No RPG, Crossbow, China Lake, Tomahawks or LAWS Rockets


(claymores, grenades-blind ok and C4 are allowed)


CG will be Black Ops all maps

BK will be Spetsnaz all maps




1st round will be the map "Hangar 18" Game type is "Headquarters"

Victory condition will be 400 points, NO TIME LIMIT on match.


2nd round will be the map "Hazard" Game type is "Domination"

Victory condition Domination is a 15 minute round, high score wins


3rd round will be the map "Stockpile" Game type is "TDM" 1 round

Victory condition is 7500 points, or high score at end of round (20 minutes)

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Good luck to all concerned.


As long as we all remember that its an event for fun and testing our abilities then win lose or draw wont matter.:thumbsup:

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