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Applications for NON GEN admins

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We are now allowing some REGULARS to become a "Moderator" on our Black Ops server


Only those that meet the following Criteria will be granted this status


1)Must be a regular player in good standing {meaning you have not been kicked numerous times for rule breaking} on our server OR be nominated by one of the Officers

2) MUST have verbal communications with either a Sheriff or a Council member so we can go thru the procedures for admining in our servers

3) Be aware that we take pride in our handling of rule breakers by "Educating before eradicating", if you feel you dont have the patience to handle rule breakers with respect, please dont apply to become a Moderator

4) If granted admin powers are to be used ONLY if there are NO GEN admins on{ unless they ask for help specifically}

5) MUST be prepared to add the Members of the Sheriffs Dept to their Steam Friends

6) Be advised ,that abuse of these privileges will see them removed by us {this would not affect your ability to play on our servers tho,}

7)Must always use the name that Admin rights was given to if using admins in our server{notify Sheriffs of name change PRIOR to using admins with that name

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