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Forums Guidelines

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Respect For Other Users/Members/Pubers:


This is one of the main rules - respect the other users who share the Forums with you. You may not agree with what they have to say - likewise, they may not agree with you. So agree to disagree. Anyone who is found to be flaming or launching personal attacks against other Forum users (Members/Pubers or otherwise) may be subject to a ban. The Forums are meant to provide an enjoyable experience for all - so don't abuse them and each other.



Discrimination & Swearwords


There are no set rules against the use of profanity in the Forums, but users should only use it in the Trafalgar Pub section. Inserting swear words in every post doesn't make a user look "tough" or "clever". In fact to most people, it comes across as a literacy deficiency. Furthermore these forums are and will be used by people who might not see swearing as you do.




Mindless spamming will NOT be tolerated in the Forums. Any user found posting pointless rubbish (such as multiple posts with no text, only smilies - for example) is likely to incur a warning, followed by a ban. Filling the boards with pointless or nonsensical posts is not acceptable either, and you will never see a demand for a R & U in these forums.





The posting of adult links, banners, or any other material that promotes pornographic material is prohibited. These forums are for the discussion of Cartoon Generals Clan, not sexual entertainment. But sexually explicit jokes, stories and such would only be posted in the Trafalgar Pub section, since this section will be reserved for NSFW material.



Warez, Crackz & Hacks


The posting of warez links is forbidden - any user caught doing so will be subject to a possible ban (and the link deleted).Furthermore, any threads posting links to (or asking for) cracks or CD-keys for games will be deleted. The Cartoon Generals Clan also prohibits any form of cheat publishing, whether with a link, or explanations of any kind.



Caps Usage


As with regular online chatrooms and other Internet Forums, please do not use all caps (ie. higher-case text) when posting - especially when creating a new thread title. Using caps is conventionally implying to "shout" online - and isn't really necessary for entire posts.


Signature Size Guidelines


500*100 or 500*200 Max size in pixel.



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