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Invitation to join our new Tactical Competition

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The 7th Cav is organizing a new Tactical Competition, and we would like to invite the Cartoon Generals to take part of the competition.


Right now we have confirmed the presence of the Bad Karma , and we are working on more clans.


This will be the format of the league:


League Rules


Game and leader-board rules:


Victory = 3 points

Draw = 1 Point

3 rounds

15 minutes

** Points for victory/draw only pertaining the final score, ie, comprehending the 3 rounds

Only case of draw is if the teams finish the 15 minutes with the same final score


Teams play against each other 3 times




Rules of engagement:


1) Crouch movement or sights up, you are only allowed to run when under enemy fire

2) Walling is allowed if a target is confirmed first

3) No blind nades

4) No Dolphin Diving

5) Aimed fire at all times

6) No martyrdom/Second Chance/Bomb Squad/Juggernaut/steady aim

7) No ledging, if it's too small or weak to stand on in real life don't do it

8) No spawn Camping

9) No usage of explosives as primary weapon

10) No jumping from multiple story buildings

11) No artillery/dogs/recon

12) No tanks


Load out Rules:


1) Only one sniper allowed per team

2) Only the sniper and two more players can have bouncing betties

3) Only One heavy gunner per team

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We have some questions:


I take it this is WaW since you mention bouncing betties?


What is the game type?


What would the team sizes be?


What would the schedule be like and frequency of matches?


Who would host?





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yes lead WaW


Teams will be maximum of 10 vs 10, adjustable to what each team has


It will be TDM


The game will be hosted by the clans, so we play 3 times, once on ours then on yours and then on ours


We would like to have 1 match per week

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