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Update on MechWarrior Online Contact

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Hi all,

seems like our member who play MWO list are wild spread. This is to consolidate members who been playing MWO. Everyone who plays please reply this mail so that i can add on the list. Thx. I have also adding another column to confirm if ur name can be added in friend list. If you see "bl6ckbox" adding you on friend list please accept it. For those of you who doesnt know its on bottom right chat icon of the game launcher and check on friend/invites section.


I put down confirmed section when i successfully added your name and you accepted my request.



Blackbox / bl6ckbox / YES

Don Julio / Logan Pryde / YES

Hsunami / Hsunami / YES

Fenn / Fenn101 / YES

Broekn / Broekn

Burnout / BURN OUT

Dragonfire_Sr / DRAGONFIRE_Sr (not yet Active)

Shini / Shini

Bloodstalka / Bloodstalka / YES

Neziah / Neziah / YES

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Hi all, I updated the list. Those I didnt put YES under confirm please check if your account is active or you have given me the right MWO name.



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