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Understanding the game

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This is just a starting off point for what I hope will become a comprehensive WoT guide for new and not-so-new players to reference if they have any questions or concerns about the strategy, mechanics, and general feel of the game in all it's glory. I will start with two simple things: the WoT wiki page, and a request that those of you who feel you are experienced in the feel of the game create a list of important elements for players to know. Some of us are better suited for different styles of gameplay, and so the more input we can gather, the better we can help each other! Please post everything relating to 'How to Play the Game' here. This subject will be pinned, and we will probably all be coming here often to seek information.


So again, please post in here with a list of concepts you feel are imortant in understanding the game. We will be compiling the lists to guide in future training matches. Also, if even if you haven't been playing a long time, if you think of something useful, please post it. I know that I for one have sort of forgotten what it was like to be a new player, so I may take some basic ideas for granted that would be VERY helpful to know. So don't be afraid to mention or ask about anything you've observed. Here is the WoT wiki page link:


WoT wiki

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here is a list I've started, to get you guys thinking. These are all things that we would discuss in training, and try to implement on the battlefield.



Mobility, Firepower, Armor, Size/detectiblility

Knowing the stats of the tanks

Understanding the role of your tank on the field

Angling to deflect shots

Features of the minimap

Cover vs Camouflage

View range and camo ratings

Knowing when to shoot and when to hold fire

Flanking, Sniping, Brawling

Avoiding being Flanked, Sniped, or Brawled when you don’t want to be

Weak points on tanks

When to track vs going for damage

Getting hull down

Face hugging vs side hugging

Stop and fire

3rd person view vs 1st person

Engaging multiple opponents



Prioritizing targets

Situational awareness


Suppressing fire

Knowing the enemies priorities

Mixed squad groupings

Specing your crew

Staying alive, unless sacrificing yourself has a clear benefit for the team

Effective communication

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Outstanding idea. I partnered up with Armorhand in a platoon and racked up a lot of knowledge in a short time from him so I'm very aware that the veterans are an especially invaluable source of information in a game with no solo play. Anything that makes one of us stronger, makes all of us stronger. Currently I'm gathering replays of successful games off the mwreplays site with the specific idea of making maps of best lines of approach and cover and concealment positions for sniping since my tech lines all currently focus on that. Rather than take the long hard approach of "ouch that hurts don't do that again" I'm hoping I can speed up the process by learning from the replays. Once I get some maps completed I'll post them.

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