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Clan Wars Gold Distribution (TBC tanks)

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As you probably know we have recently taken land again and are building a reserve of gold. Our previous system of distribution left us rarely distributing the gold we had, which we think was unfair to the players that worked hard to earn it. So, we are introducing a new system to keep you guys comin’ back for more.


We will be distributing the gold we’ve accumulated thus far to you guys on the first of next month, so please let us know if you'd like to receive your share or pass on it so that others may get more. This gold is for everyone who competes in Clan Wars, so anyone who has participated or at least shown interest in participating is entitled to a piece of the pie.


We will be disbursing the gold acquired through Clan Wars every 3 months from here on out. We will be doing this on the first day of January, April, July, and October.


If you are not active in Clan Wars you will not be eligible to receive gold. To become eligible you must join the Clan Wars lobby at least 10 nights during the 3 month period, with at least a tier 4 light, tier 5 artillery, and/or tier 6 tank available for battle. We will compile a list of active Clan Wars participants and confirm if they would like to receive gold before sending it out. So be sure to let me or Yoursister know in advance one way or the other.


There will be a one month claiming period after the dispersion date. On the dispersion date, we will pay all players who have confirmed that they wish to receive payment. We will divide the plunder as if those who haven’t yet claimed their loot would like to. Those players will have one month to speak up, and after that month any unclaimed loot will be left in the reserves for the next payout.


The more players we can field for Clan Wars, the better our odds of holding lands and getting gold for you guys. So make sure to do your part to secure wins and earn some gold for yourselves and your clan mates!




Deputy Commander/Treasurer, TBC Tank Company

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