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In game rules of conduct

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3.Teamwork, Fair Play, Clan Activity and Dual-Claning


3.1 As a member of the Cartoon Generals you are expected to - at all times - act as an ambassador for the clan. This means that your behaviour must at all times reflect the values of the clan. This goes beyond your attitude and friendliness towards other clan members and members of the public and extends to how you play on clan servers.


3.2 As a clan we are more interested in playing games to enjoy them and work as a team than for anybody's individual personal glory. This means that we expect members to play for the team regardless of if they are playing in a scrim, a match or on a public server. So long as you are representing the clan, you should always carry our values with you.


3.3 Cheating is something that we as a clan will not tolerate. If it is discovered that you are using cheats, you will be expelled from the clan immediately.

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