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Guns of Icarus Online

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Hey guys! :) Long time no speak ey?


Since I stopped playing CoD and my PC can't handle BF 3 we had hardly chance to play together (maybe WoT). Because of this I wanted to ask you guys if anyone of you heard of Guns of Icarus or maybe got and played it alread.


For those who don't know GoIO


Its pretty much an airship battle where you and three of your steam friends fight against enemys. You need 4 players because you need to fill the role of the Captain, the Engineer and two Gunners.



You can watch this vid about the gameplay. At the beginning of the vid a reviewer called AngryJoe just talks about the game in general.


So if you are interrested hit me up, I didn't bought it yet and as long s as I don't have friends playing it I won't buy it :D


Till then,


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