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[GUIDE] ARMA3 Set Up, Know How and Bugs List

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Hi all for those of you who is into Arma or would like to know more about Arma please read Hodgy's excellent post about what is Arma3 and what it can do: Hodgy's Arma Info page


This page is reserved for troubleshooting and also give you some insight about how to set up fast and get on for gaming as well as some bugs and how to get around it.



1) Always carry as many as you can put on your character, you never know when you can restock.

2) Always waits for your teammate to revive you if permitted instead of spawning as some mission restrict amount of repawns.

3) Always calls out bearings of enemy spotted using your compass as we cannot know where by just saying enemy sighted.

4) Always voice out if you are injured or died or doing something so that we know you are still around.

5) Always stay close (but not too close to avoid squad wipe by 1 grenade or mortar round)

6) Always Flank as the enemy will do the same to you. So watch you back!

7) Never use default select (SPACEBAR) to swap weapons as it will drop all your primary weapon's AMMO!

8) Weapons use unique ammo and attachments! pay attention to weapon and its compatibility. This game is realistic in weapon attachments and compatibility.



1) Constant Running Bug: Ever run like Forest Gump and dunno how to stop?

Scroll your mouse and select next weapon then selects it (default SPACEBAR). You will stop and remember to scroll your mouse button to switch back to your primary weapon.


2) My Scoped view always points towards the ground!

This is a stance bug and can be resolve by changing your stance from crouch or standing and right click mouse button again.


3) Checking Map while Pressing M can crash the game

No fix yet as this does not always happen. Make sure you are not in motion while hitting M for Map view


4) Help my mission objective wasn't updated even its completed?

This a a bug in the game when sometimes it doesn't update your status for part of the mission completed. Most mission will allow the game to be Completed as long as other members of the game have shown completion. There is also another possibility that you died while others completed that objective and yours wasn't updated accordingly. For now just enjoy the game :)



1) Common Keyboard command for Arma3:

Please note this is default setting and does not apply if you have remapped your keyboard or mouse.

W, A, S, D = Movement

Q, E = Side peek (you side roll if you press Q or E at Proned position)

CTRL Q, E = Half Side peek/step. Double Tap QQ or EE will lock you at the peeking position.

X = Changing stance (Standing, Crouching)

CTRL W or A = Further refines your stance from Stand, Crouch and Prone to 2 more levels on each stance. Making total of 9 stance.

(High Stand < Stand > Low Stand), (High Crouch < Crouch > Low Crouch), (High Prone < Prone > Low Prone)

Z = Prone position

SHIFT W,A,S,D = Run or accelerate vehicles

G = Grenade / CTRL G to cycle grenade type (smoke/flashbang)

F = Fire mode/rate (single, 3 round burst, full auto or Grenade launcher)

R = Reload weapon

C = changing from casual (running) stance to Combat (gun at raised position but slower walk speed) stance

V = Vaulting or crossing obstacles (There is no jumping in Arma3 so no bunny hopping)

N = Night Vision

M = Map View

L = Laser or Light on weapons attachment or vehicles (for night mission)

K = Compass to read bearing

J = Watch to read the mission time

P = Hold P to show info of squad scores and kills (and death)

J = Mission info

I = Inventory View

U = Open Team View to Switch different playable team member

Left Mouse = Fire

Right Mouse = Scoped (Iron Sight or Red Dot)

CTRL Right Mouse = Marksmen Scope (12x)

/ = Text Chat "," or "." to cycle chat channel

CAPSLOCK = Voice Chat. "," or "." to cycle chat channel



1) Board vehicle or exit vehicle?

Go near the vehicle till and icon pops up and press select (default SPACEBAR) and Scroll mouse button to EXIT or EJECT to dismount. Some vehicles only take you in at certain angle so remember to go around until icon pop up or press ENTER to see if it allow you to mount vehicles.


2) Change position in vehicle?

Scroll your mouse button and press Select (default SPACEBAR)


3) Change vehicle weapons view?

Right Click Mouse or Numpad 0


4) Change 1st person to 3rd person view? If permitted



5) Chat in Game?

CAPSLOCK for voice chat, / for Text Chat.


6) Accidentally called squad command unintended?

Squad Command is activated based on number of members under you. If there are 4, they will be numbered 1-4 with corresponding member name. Pressing their number 1-4 will call them individually or press ~ will command all of your squad members. If you accidentally called for command, press BACKSPACE to cancel.


7) How to blow things up? (Objective)

APC or Armored vehicles can be taking out by Rockets or Grenades. Usually infantry will get out of vehicles once the wheels are destroyed or disabled. For Demolishing buildings you will need to carry Demolition Charge or Satchel. You need to go close to objective and deploy it by selecting the weapon with mouse scroll and press Select (default SPACEBAR). After its deployed you have 2 options to blow it up. Either 40s count down or run to a distance and tap Select (Spacebar) while Demolition weapon selection is active.


8) Why does switching weapons lost all my ammo?

By default, switching weapons (looting dead body or crates) will automatically drop the previous weapon and its ammo to the ground. Make sure when you swapped to a new weapon, you continue to search for the ammo in the body or crates that's COMPATIBLE to your new weapons. You will know if its compatible when dragging the ammo lights up WHITE under weapons ammunition slot. If its red its incompatible. As a rule of thumb, do not switch weapons with SPACEBAR command. Always use "I" for inventory and drag the weapons to your avatar.


9) How to change weapon attachment? Scope, Laser, Flash, Suppressor attachment from another weapon or crate?

From Crate its easy just move it to your weapon attachment slot in "I" Inventory view.

a) If you found a weapon with long 12x scope and you want to switch to your current weapon set up(Holo or Red-Dot), You have to move your weapon into your backpack (this will not drop your ammo).

B) Move the new weapon into your weapon slot and remove its 12x scope and drag it into your backpack.

c) Remove the unneeded weapon out and drop it to ground.

d) Re-equip your weapon and move the 12x scope attachment from your backpack and slot it to your current weapon scope attachment.

e) Removed the replaced red-dot scope and drop it to ground.

f) Complete weapon with new 12x scope marksman capability.


10) How to set weapons selection presets? (If available)

For some mission it allows you to load whatever you want from the weapons crate (Big Crate that's a pallet size).

a) You get near it and instead of pressing inventory, you press ENTER to select your weapons and items.

B) Click on the items you want and ADD it to your collection.

c) Remember to load a large bagpack if you want to carry more!

d) Each weapon is unique to certain type of ammunition and attachment so pay attention to compatibility.

e) You can save the loadout name and next time if you see a similar crate you can just LOAD loadout and it auto fill you with your saved loadouts. You can have different classes with different loadout up to 10 slots.

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One thing that i found to be a complete pain in the posterior. Space bar


One of the biggest issues for me is i accidentally touch the space bar regularly,in most FPS games Space bar is the "Jump" function., if you try and jump {which you cannot in this game} and double tap the spacebar you end up dropping explosives ,swapping weapons or opening doors.


The default key binds in game utilise the following keys to control your weapon selection and default actions. Space bar, Enter and Middle mouse wheel


I would strongly suggest using the space bar for another function, Hold Breath PTT key in game chat etc and using the Middle mouse button as your "use" key.


regrdless of what keys you choose, id say minimise the options =decreasing the chances of messing up..

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