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Arma3 Squad Emblems Artwork

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Hi all,

This is the artwork I proposed for the squad names we voted for Arma3. They are in monochrome in accordance to SpecOps theme but color version will be produced when use it for promo purposes.


Spectre: Assault Spec Ops

In future reference we will try to use Spectre Squad as the spear head for insertion. Squad and Fireteam will be Spectre 1:1, Spectre 1:2 etc.



Ghost: Recon and Sniper

Ghost Squad will be the Reconnaissance arm of the Gens and will be responsible for taking out high value target, scouting and counter sniping. Fireteam will be Ghost 1:1 and Ghost 1:2 etc.



Blackstar: Demolition and Support

Blackstar will be handling the demolition and explosives of Gens when required. They are specially trained for taking out Armored and setting up mines for perimeter defense as well. Fireteam will be Blacstar 1:1 and Blackstar 1:2 etc.



Phantom: Close Air Support and Transport

Phantoms are pilots who assist in Gens warfare by providing air covers as well as modes of fast transport when required. Fireteam callsign Phantom 1:1 and Phantom 1:2 etc.



Wraith: Armored Support and Transport

Wraith will be the armored arm of Gens and handling APC, IFV or Tanks as well as providing mode of transport in the gound. Fireteam Callsign Wraith 1:1 and Wraith 1:2 etc.



Please comments on the emblem and we will setting up boot-camps and schools to train fellow Gens so that they can graduate from appropriate schools. Please note that we do not intend to be over the top military realistic, instead we learn on how to specialized and coordinate as a team in multi squads (if available). As default, most missions will only consist of Spectre Squad unless otherwise specified.


Thanks again all for ur support and participation.

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Outstanding... wow, I am so proud of the animators. You are all doing a stellar job!

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Can I request a Patrol Medic and JTAC one of these?


And how can we add these to people who should have one?


I also think the game play we play, Spec ops type stuff you could have one of each of these squads types in one team. Maybe these should not be squad based but awarded when the brass think he has achieved that skill?


I will start to use these in my missions..



I want one of these asap..



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