IMPORTANT: Because of the upgrade you need to login with your DISPLAY NAME, So members will need to use their =GEN=YOURNAME to login

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Topic name: <YOUR NAME>

Topic description: Application


Name: Troy

Age: 44

Location: Midwest USA

Time Zone:central


Ingame Name: Yoursister

SteamID: majyoursister


Select Game Play:

Black Op's Yes.

Call Of Duty W@W

Home Front Yes


Do you regularly play on our server(s)?



Do you follow our server rules well?



Why would you like join the Cartoon Generals?

Enjoy tactical gameplay. Very satisfied with Cartoon Generals rules and enforcement of them.


If accepted in to Cartoon Generals, would you consider donating money towards the clan for the servers and website?

Yes I would.


What qualities do you have that would suit the community here at Cartoon Generals?

Mature, fair, good hearted,


How did you hear about Cartoon Generals?

Searching through tactical servers and came across Cartoon Generals. Came back ever since.


Clans you where in before?

4thid in cod. 3rdMd in cod4.


Reason why you left?

3rdMd fell apart when we got involved in WOW. left 4thid to create 3rdMd 5 years ago

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Change your steam name to

Check your PMS for further information

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