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BF4 Game Research Clan Intentions

BF4 - Clan Intentions   20 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you be purchasing this game at Release/ Pre Oder?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Will you Support a clan Server? (Take the time to try and populate and correctly admin said server)

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. Do you intend to purchase this game after release?

    • Yes
    • No

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Please have a look through the following information and make an informed selection in the poll above. We at the Think tank are gathering information to see whether it will be financially viable to support BF4 (server, B3 etc etc) for an extended period of time.


Question 2 is the most important question!! This question is to be answered honestly, Populating our server is to be our #1 Priority if and when we get one I hope everyone understands. Thanks Guys!


I look forward to seeing the results, Have at it!!


Any Members who are involved in BETA could you please share your experience in a post below cheers this way all information can be available to members!!


BattleField 4 - Game Research


Game cost:-

BF4 - $79.99

BF4 Digital Deluxe - $89.99

BF4 Premium - $59.99

System Requirements:




Server cost or server accessory costs: Unknown at this stage, BF3 servers $1.29 per slot so somewhere in that ball park.

Active clans for that game/genre: 7th, L0ol, BK, 40-1, 509th and many more I am guessing.

Company's reputation who is behind release

* Admin Control - Fully controllable servers

* Support - Assuming Game servers support would be used.

* General reputation and past releases

Battlefield 3

GameSpot Review of Battlefield 3

GameSpot - 8.5

User Score - 8.4

PC Gamer - Battlefield 3 Review

PC Gamer - 80/100


Battlefield 2

GameSpot Battlefield 2 Review

GameSpot - 9.3

User Score - 9.2

EuroGamer Battlefield 2 Review

EuroGamer - 9/10


Battlefield 1942 - Old School

GameSpot Battlefield 1942 Review

GameSpot - 8.8

User Score - 8.8

Metacritic Battlefield 1942 Review

Metascore - 89/100

User Score - 8.5/10


Conclusion from Past Releases:- Battlefield 4 based on these previous releases is gonna be a cracker!!

Copies sold or forecasted - Unknown at this stage

Media hype - Usual limited teaser trailers, with some epic environment features, Commander option for Support!

Tech hype and reviews / alpha / beta results and opinions --- See Poll in Forums for clan interest/ experience with BF4.

Game play video:-




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Voted. just to clarify the 2nd question. I voted no on that due to the fact I won't be buying the game. I have never really cared for the battlefield series.

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Voted. Last question is a maybe more than a yes ATS (At this stage (for you Jinx)). I will wait and see what what with COD Ghost. I am happy to purchase whichever game the clan is going to run with and give a hand with it when I can. Weekends mainly.

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Interesting observation. The RUF clan has 4 64 player servers set to custom each with a different game mode. 3 of the 4 were completely full this evening. The Obliteration server was empty.

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