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Be careful WHO uses your computer.

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Gens, just a heads up.

with our using the anticheat site, PBBans, for streaming some of our FPS games we are bound by their terms and conditions. Which include the following.


HARBOURING CHEATERS: If a member of your clan is on the MBI (specifically the PBBans MBI - we do not chase up clans for taking on members banned by other organisations), for any game - then you are harbouring a cheater. It does not matter when or where that person was caught. It does not matter if the game is no longer played, or if the ban was 5 years ago.


All Streaming Game Admins are expected to take all reasonable measures (GUID/IP searches on the MPI/MBI before recruitment) to prevent cheaters from being in your clan or organization. If it is found that a cheater is in your organization the following steps will be taken:


STEP 1: If a clan is found to be harbouring a cheater (as defined above), and has not taken action themselves to remedy the situation - the Team Account owner will be notified by private message. No other parties will be informed of the situation - and it will be handled discreetly.


If, after 7 days have passed, no appeal has been made and the member is found to still be representing your clan in any way (that includes using a new GUID or changing alias) then your account will be SUSPENDED. You will not be notified of this. Your servers will stop streaming, all team account members will lose SGA access, and you will not be permitted to log into your AccountCP.




So please be careful of who you let use your computer, We cannot allow new members into the clan who have been caught for hacking and we cannot allow current members to remain, REGARDLESS of WHO installed the hack.

After witnessing a past member of this clan being banned for a hack, he claims that a jnr family member installed {i believe him btw} it has put him in a horrible position, his integrity being called into question and his instant removal from his current clan leaves him with very little options for clans in the "tactical realism" side of games, infact it leaves him very little option to be in any clan that uses live streaming to an anticheat site like PBBans, ACI or any other similar site

I am bringing this up purely as a reminder, not to name and shame{as i believe he is genuine in his expanation, if i thought he was making it up id put his name in the shoutbox :biggrin: }

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