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One for our resident Mission Creators......

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To our Mission creators,


Continuing on from my shout post of yesterday, and Using Insurgency map as the base, Is it possible to put different types of objectives to be completed in the 1 mission? This is my thinking, our current Arma map we are playing which is Hodgy's Insurgency mission is a massive mission over the island with 8 objectives (I think) with many enemy forces enroute. What my thinking is and hopefully you guys can do it, is to put different types of objectives in the one mission, so when we jump on for an Arma fun night(s) we can complete them in different order, so to mix it up a bit. Here are my suggestions:


1. An area that requires us to capture 2 or 3 objectives (domination/rush style) with each objective getting more difficult as we capture. (this was the case in the siege map we played with the 5 objectives with the massive tank battles at the end). I really enjoyed this map


2. An assassination objective killing a heavily enforced town or city, requiring some stealth in order to complete. (killing patrols quickly as not to alert to many others nearby at once)


3. A sabotage style objective possibly in the water where we have to use the diving aspect of the game.


4. A flat out assault using Vehicles/Helicopters to clear a town of insurgents before reinforcements arrive.


5. an objective that requires an artillery call in


6. A beach landing objective (could be the first one in order to gain access to the island and establish a foothold on the island) for reinforcements/ vehicles etc


7+ And any others that people may have a suggestion for ie hostage rescue, demolition, etc. We have encountered these missions separately over the months. I just think having them all in one massive mission would be epic. And would also allow a small team who happen to be on to jump in and tackle a couple of different objectives, while on a fun night we could try the whole thing.


Obviously this would be a massive undertaking (if possible at all), my thinking this will allow some really dynamic fun nights I look forward to hearing your guy's thoughts on the matter.




Jinx Out.

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Adding objectives to the map is not going to happen that quick. I'm still trying to observe the load on the server with all the ai.. I would like to add other maps so its not so repetitive with the mod @A3MP.


Random objectives will be coming but for now still working on a set of mods we are all happy with and load on our server.


I would really like to add radio mod, map packs so we can shoot at Taliban.


For now we should as a team work out what objective we should take on and clean that sector or OPFOR.


Do we want to add tanks for our tanking friends?

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I realise it doesn't happen over night hodgy, my thinking with the insurgency map with the multiple objectives was to concentrate the AI in those objective areas rather than across the whole map, as we use a helicoptor to travel to OBJ, most of the AI are there for show and dont get engage or engage us. Take your time with the big map and in the mean time we can add/ play some other maps.

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