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Planetside 2 Open House Vanu Outfit

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Come and see what is Planetside 2 on this Open House.


  • Date: On Demand
  • Hour: On Demand
  • Region: US West
  • Server: Connery
  • Faction: Vanu
  • My Name on Planetside: Dark_Estel



  1. Explain how to connect to the game and create a character.
  2. Enter into the game and wait until everybody is in.
  3. Create a squad.
  4. Short explanation about the different skins.
  5. Spawn a Galaxy and give everybody a Planetside 2 tour.
  6. Enter into the action.



Don't forget start downloading the game 24 hours before.- It takes a long time to have it installed.


And please write down in this topic your name and the date when you want to have an Open House.





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