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Blops Scrim CG v BK

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What: Black Ops Scrim BK v CG

When: Saturday 23rd August

Where: BK Bootcamp Server

Time: 9pm EST, 9am Asia, 11am AEST, 1pm NZ

Additional Information: No grenades, explosives or things that go boom. (equip a tomahawk to avoid accidentally throwing a grenade), Tactical grenades (concussion, flash, smoke) are allowed, (might be an idea to attach the mask perk to lesson the effects), crouch to move - run to nearest cover if under fire. Hip fire is allowed as no provision for ads.


All Members to be in TS 1/2 hour before game time for a last minute practice and kit sorting!!!


Gametypes & Maps


Round 1 - Firing Range - S & D

Round 2 - WMD - CTF

Round 3 - Jungle - TDM




All hands on deck needed for this one, Blops scrim against the BK clan! Next week will be a Blops server raid practice i need all participants to be available for this practice cheers!




Confirmed Attendance:


Jinx will not be able to make on time as I have a soccer game to attend for my daughter







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Do any of these maps require any of the DLCs? I need to re-install the game if I'm going to join in on this.



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Sorry Guys I will be late getting to this one, my daughter has a soccer game rescheduled for that day due to rain last week.


Please note, I need someone to take over as liaison for this scrim.


Details are as follows:-


BK have no scrim server, scrim will be hosted in their public server as a fun night style (mixed teams) maps and game types will remain the same. Happy Hunting gentlemen I will be there as soon as I can. All players will be in Cartoon Generals TeamSpeak for the duration!



Jinx out.

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Soccer game was cancelled. I am back in for the scrim at the normal time.

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