IMPORTANT: Because of the upgrade you need to login with your DISPLAY NAME, So members will need to use their =GEN=YOURNAME to login

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Tank members

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Keep language to a minimum while in teamspeak 3, If asked to watch the language please do so. Failure to comply can result in a temp ban followed by a ban.

Must be respectful in all areas of gameplay. Pub matches, team battles etc. and in teamspeak 3.

Raging about a bad battle is allowed, to an extent, in ts. But NEVER repeat NEVER in public chat in game. Repeated violations of this will result in removal from the Carnage clan.

Must follow directions and listen to caller instructions. Failure to follow instructions can result in dismissal.

For any competitive events you must be on TS3. For regular battles it is not required.

PTT (push to talk) on teamspeak must be on. NO open mics.

30 days absence, without notification, placed in recruit status. 45 days, removed. The 45 day rule only applies to the Carnage tank clan, but can as well warrant removal from the Cartoon Generals.

If at anytime you are disruptive, disrespectful, or an all out asshat you can be removed WITHOUT warning.

Poaching from other clans is not allowed, nor is Carnage members being poached. Poachers will be removed instantly without warning.


From 1900-2100 central time is considered training time for Carnage. If on it is required to participate in training events.

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