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CG v BK WaW Scrim!!

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No probs Six four, we will host this one we still have a waw server.


3 rounds.


Round 1:

Map: Roundhouse

Game type: Domination


Round 2:

Map: Cliffside

Game type: War


Round 3:

Map: Dome - Shotguns only - NO secondary, no grenades, no explosives. Just Shotguns.

Gametype: TDM


Game rules:


Bolts only - no scopes - Iron sights only.

No pistols use bandolier or pick up another weapon.

1 Rifle Nader per team. (Cappy)

No grenades, explosives or things that go boom. (smoke, concussion, tactical grenades allowed)

Crouch movement only, may only run to nearest cover if under fire.

All 3 rounds to be played.

CG start as allies on all 3 rounds.

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