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Wasteland BluFor wepons and base building

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Hello all,

I am new to the GEN server and CARN WoT clan, some of you may have seen me already.

I am new to Arma and enjoy it quite a bit. I currently have a large facility set up in Stratis if you see me online just ask me where it is and where the weapons are.

I am also wanting to help out where possible with weapon stashes or small bases for individual GEN members, so if you see me online on in TS just give me the grid cooridinates where you would like your stash/small base to be and I can set it up and let you know when its done. You can also PM me with location and gun preferences/clothing/outfitting.

I cant seem to get the vehicles to save even personaly bought ones so that is currently not an option.


Good shooting


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Can you save vehicles on other servers?

I could look at the server setup and see if I can turn that on.

You should also try joining us sometime on the COOP server.

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