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TD 101

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Due to the overwhelmingly positive response (7 views and zero comments)...or rather despite the lack of positive response to my "Arty 101" post yesterday (and because it's really, really slow at work tonight), I figure I'd post another basic strategy thread.  Please contain your exuberant "hurrah's".


Basic idea of all TD is that they are the sniper of WoT.  Hide, engage at long range, relocate & repeat.  However:

TD's fall into two broad categories of design that strongly influence their battlefield tactics:

Nimble & fast vs Armored & slow.  Bet you thought it was "turreted or non-".  But the slow-moving turrets on TD's mean that for most purposes, the gun arc might as well be the same as a casement-type such as a StuG.


Nimble / fast TD's (StuG, Hellcat, WT, Foch, etc)

Use the speed to move to a good hide with a long field of view.  Engage enemies as they are spotted (frequently by you).  Relocate when return fire starts as you (usually) have thin armor.


Armored / slow TD's (T95, AT-series, JT, etc)

Ideally suited to base defense, on open maps this should be their role.  If possible setup where you can engage targets at range, but don't stray far from base as your low speed means you will likely be flanked and taken out uselessly.  On city maps, you can utilize your brutish armor to shift over to "Assault Gun" mode, rolling up a road and pulverizing anything in front of you.  This role requires teammates willing to watch your flanks, however.


More to come.....

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