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Light Tank 101

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Another slow night at work, another "Tanking 101"... this time, Light Tanks!


Light tanks, frequently called "scouts", have three major roles in WoT, and a crucial and often overlooked secondary effect.  The three roles are lighting targets for snipers & arty, chasing down and killing enemy scouts, and taking out enemy arty. 


The primary role of the lights, "Lighting", can be achieved by either racing around madly, hopefully fast and nimble enough to not get squashed, or passively by parking in a good vantage with a cammo net.  For this role, the most important equipment on the tank is the radio.  Scout tanks without the top radio mounted might as well not even be in the battle!


Secondary and Tertiary roles, anti-scout & anti-arty:  Often a light tank can do more damage by ramming than with its gun.  An additional advantage to this type of attack is it often tracks the target, so even if your ramming kills you, arty can drop a round where you died and avenge you.


The secondary effect is this:  Breaking a scout tank loose behind enemy lines causes havoc.  Enemy mediums or even Td's or heavies will break off their attack to turn and try and kill the rampaging scout.  This is an opportunity for the rest of your team to take out the distracted tanks, often getting side or rear shots on them as they turn to protect their arty or their own backsides from the pesky scouts.





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