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COD BO and W@W not working anymore

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Hey Gens,


Anyone had this issue before?

I have a clone of my gaming rig so can just go to that if need be but I'd rather fix the issue.


A few weeks ago W@W and COD BO stopped working. Starting offline and not able to connect.

I had done 3 new things. Downloaded an App from Steam, Upgraded to full version of my Anti-Virus, and there was a Windows 10 update.


I have done Malware and Virus scans. nil. I have checked my vault. nil. I have turned off the anti-virus. I have removed the app.  I have added the exe to the exceptions list


I have deleted W@W files both via steam and Control Panel. Locations: C:\PF(x86)\Steam\steamapp\Common\ and the ones in C:\Users\<users>\AppData\Local\Activision

All other steam games working.

MY laptop has updated with Windows as well and it is running W@W just fine.

I have downloaded the files via steam (which says it fixes 3 files ....which ones ???) but then it does not work

I have copied the files on the laptop to the desktop. Does not work.

I have copied the files from the clone HDD. does not work.


Next step will be to put in the clone and confirm that it works on that one.


Any one have any other ideas or locations Activision files kept?


Tried the main fixes on the interweb. nil.


Cheers in advance for all your positive helpful responses to come

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Things I'd try:

- if you're behind a router, try connecting to the modem directly and see if that makes any difference

- try starting W@W directly through the file explorer and run as admin user

- check the antivirus' software forum to see if there may be services kept running even when you disable it (I had issues with a firewall once, which kept on running even when disabled. Its service had to be stopped manually to prevent it from affecting the connections.)


When do both of them fail? Do they start and the server list won't populate, or are you able to view the current servers and then get errors trying to join them?

If it's just those 2 games, then my guess would be that it's a network related issue. Try manually opening/routing the needed ports to the affected PC and check the firewall & antivirus logs.


Edit: if you have s.o. gaming on the same connection with access to the router settings, then maybe (s)he changed the ports to route to his PC instead? In such a case you should still be able to see the servers but wouldn't be able to join them.

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taken from the win10 discussion.


by ME...

ive gone back to 7.

Tried it for a few days and none of my steam games would work,  it uninstalled Speccy saying it was incompatible,{thought they would have least gave ME the option to uninstall, but no they took it upon themselves to delete programs off my comp{ it was kept in the" Win old "folder tho so when i reverted back it restored Speccy}


Not sure what your issue is Timber or how to fix it, but its exactly the same as i had when i tried 10.

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OH, Timber, your profiles for waw are kept in C>USER>APPDATA>LOCAL>ACTIVISiON>WAW>>PLAYERS>PROFILES ..


Make sure that files still there, not just the "Activison" bit of it

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Put my clone in and everything working fine. stage two complete.

My laptop isalso Win10 and is fine. The clone is Win 10 and is fine. 

Back on my original HDD: @ ShuQi. Wildo. No Server lists. starts as off line. Will check the Anti Virus thing and ports. 



EDIT: Sorted. Yeah ShuQi. Some files for the Anti Virus were still running and couldn't be shut off so did a full uninstall and games working.

         Now just to get my profile back and DLCs :) . I would have thought the exception list would have worked but maybe it was PB I hadn't added as well. hmmmm. will have a play with that. 


cheers ears. 

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