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Division - Tactician's set build test

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I managed to get all the needed items to put together a full Tactician's set and have been experimenting with it a bit.

The rolls on those items are pretty bad, so that I've lost a lot of points in the main stats with it equipped and there wasn't much room to tweak it with rerolls.


My current stats with 4 pieces of Tactician's set, a reckless chestpiece, and savage gloves:

Firearms: 2161

Stamina: 1601

Electronics: 2087


Health: 48.703

Armor: 51%


Crit hit headshot damage in Tactician's set with SMG:

45.000 without pulse

58.000 with pulse active


Crit hit headshot damage in Sentry's set with SMG (low electronics stat!):

89.000 without pulse

111.000 with pulse active



The good:

- fast skill recharge

- good support role in group missions, due to fast skill recharge and skill power, but not sure if that makes up enough for the loss of dps



The bad:

- unless I let the Tactician set's skill power bonus build up, its skill effects are rather lackluster. I was able to 1-shot lvl30 purple enemies with a mine on critical hit only (unbuffed), but yellow enemies only got their armor down by maybe 75% with it.

- noticeable DPS & health decrease (still OK for hard-mode missions, but don't think it would be viable in challenge missions, unless I'd be using it in a supporting role, e.g.: heals or buffs via skills)

- pulse damage doesn't appear to scale that much with skill power

- lost almost all of my weapon talents due to the low firearms & stamina stats

- it's missing about 400 - 1000 points in stamina to get enough health for challenge mode/DZ content



Overall it seems like you need the high GS Tactician gear items to be able to create a viable solo build. The GS191 items just don't provide enough points to be able to have enough firepower, health, and skill power at the same time.

However, it's a nice change of pace being able to use your skills a lot more often, so at least for the hard mode content it's actually quite enjoyable when running solo.

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I think this set is best to buff a team than play solo. I finally got a full set after last night but it's a set I think you guys have had for a while, Sentry's Call. I think I need a hostler for striker and I can run 4 and 2.

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I think this set is best to buff a team than play solo. 

Yes, it cannot compete with the Sentry set, but there are builds that make it really deadly in the DZ when you utilize the available skill buffs.

However, those all appear to be using the high end set items, as they have main stat numbers that I'd never be able to pull off with the GS191 items.

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i am now running 4 and 2 with sentry and tacticians. having picked up 2 pieces yesterday. i havent modded the gear correctly yet will stack stamina to increase health as mine was disgustingly low yesterday. i tweaked a little last night at 2am (damn incursion) and doubled my health. will look at getting further stamina mods stacked and see what it looks like then. The assault rifle build is coming along as well only a 163 gold gun but still doing some good damage to elites before additional set pieces were acquired. so will test it out next time i am on

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