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Divison 1.4 solo build

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This is basically a written guide of skillup's recent 1.4 gearing video: 


It's meant for the optimal solo PvE DPS build, so that some of his choices can be replaced with other skills/mods/talents if you're doing a team based build, or if you prefer some other options over the listed ones. However, seeing how much loot is dropping now, this should give you a good idea on what to look out for, so that you can finally clear up your inventories & stash again.



GEAR: (general guide, works for all gear sets)

- go for 3 pieces with firearms and 3 pieces with stamina

- use health on kill to offset lack of healing skill efficiency (from 2x nomad, or +health on kill)

- roll +armor on all possible gear items

  • CHEST: +armor, +dmg to elites (or health on kill, if needed)
  • MASK: +dmg to elites, enemy armor dmg
  • KNEE: +armor, enemy armor dmg
  • BACK: +armor
  • GLOVE: +weapon dmg, +dmg to elites, health on kill (or crit chance/dmg, if preferred)
  • HOLSTER: +armor




- add mods to unlock weapon talents as needed (firearms/stamina)

- secondary mod stat always +armor!





- best PvE weapon: M60





- headshot better outperforms crit chance/dmg in 1.4, so it's best to slot +headshot where available

- below are the recommended rolls, rest of the stats are up to your gameplay & weapon (add stability / accuracy / crit chance / ...) as needed

  • SCOPE / MUZZLE: +headshot
  • MAGAZINE: +magazine size




- recommended primary weapon talents:

  • destructive (added +armor dmg)
  • ferocious (+dmg to elites, needs to be on 3rd slot to offset electronics requirement!)
  • prepared (+dmg >30m) or responsive (+dmg <30m), choose based on your weapon type

brutal and deadly are still good, but less efficient than the above. Use those on secondary weapon for added DPS, if you're running an Alpha Bridge build, or use the below for added survivability.


- recommended secondary weapon talents for survivability/solo play, as you need to get the kill to trigger them:

  • predatory (35% heal over 20s)
  • skilled (signature gain on headshot kill)

This guide will make your healing skill heal for about 1 bar, so if you're constantly running low on health and are unable to offset it with your healing skill / health on kill, then use a weapon with predatory talent on it. This guide assumes you're running Recovery Link as your signature skill, as it will respawn you on death automatically when playing solo. Switch to your secondary weapon with "skilled" on it when your signature skill is on cooldown, in order to recharge it faster, then switch back to primary once it's back up again.





  • pulse + tactical scanner (for added dmg)
  • heal + booster shot (for added dmg), or + overdose (if you need to get more healing from your skill)




  • stopping power (suppress for added 25% headshot dmg)
  • precision (not only highlights target, but also adds 10% dmg after first headshot!)
  • on the move (kill enemy while moving for 30% less incoming dmg)
  • shock and awe (suppress enemy for 25% movement speed)
  • one is none (not needed, if you have enough ammo already)


Gearing your character based on this guide will allow you to clear challenging content solo and adds about 123% base DPS.

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RPG Lead, I agree i never got into this style of game before as the learning curve was so long. But Now that I understand this game I really like it, you almost put as much work into building your char as you do shooting people in the face.. MORE POWER!

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